About the Project

What can you expect from the Cedar Lake Road Reconstruction?

Cedar Lake Road is a route that extends throughout Lake County. A project was recently completed to the south that extended and expanded Cedar Lake Road from Townline Road to Illinois Route 120 (Cedar Lake Road Extension). Those improvements included a signalized intersection at Cedar Lake Road and Illinois Route 120 that serves as the south limit of the Cedar Lake Road Reconstruction project. Cedar Lake Road may ultimately be realigned to the north as a separate project that would provide a north-south corridor from Illinois Route 60 to Illinois Route 132 (Grand Avenue).

The current condition of the unimproved roadway is very poor with the last resurfacing occurring in the mid-90s. Additionally, the existing culvert carrying Squaw Creek beneath Cedar Lake Road has fallen into disrepair. As part of the preliminary engineering, several options for the roadway typical section and alignment were analyzed. Culvert replacement options were also analyzed. Proposed right-of-way impacts were taken into account when selecting the preferred alternative. Now that the preferred alternative is known, the proposed improvements will be on display at the public hearing on December 3, 2014.

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