About the Project

Project Funding

This project is currently slated to be funded locally by Lake County. Federal Funding is not anticipated for this project.

Phase I

The final Phase I Project Development Report (PDR) was completed in early 2015. The PDR is generally an overview and results in the following detailed studies:

  • Location Drainage Study (LDS): The LDS allows us to examine the existing drainage features within the project limits and then develop new features to accommodate the proposed roadway conditions.
  • Hydraulic Report: A Hydraulic Report will be required if it is determined that the existing Squaw Creek culvert under Cedar Lake Road just north of Forest Avenue will need to be replaced.
  • Geometrics Study: This study helps determine what the proposed roadway will look like when it is completed. The number of lanes, width and pavement type is determined during this study.
  • Various Safety Studies: A part of the PDR process is to evaluate existing safety concerns and make design changes in final proposed conditions that will address these concerns while improving the overall safety of the roadway.
  • Environmental Studies: These studies help us understand if there are any environmental concerns within the project limits that we need to take into consideration while we are developing our proposed improvements.

The results of these studies and comments we received from the public helped us develop the final proposed improvements that were presented in the PDR.

Phase II

The Phase II design started in mid-2015, after the PDR was approved by the county. Design plans for the preferred alternative have begun along with right-of-way acquisition, utility coordination, and permitting.

Phase II design includes compilation of the plans, specifications, and quantities for estimating purposes. The project will be publicly bid and awarded to the lowest bidding contractor. After the project is awarded to the contractor and they are given the notice to proceed, the project enters Phase III.

Phase III

Phase III is the time period when the project is constructed. Engineers will work with the contractor to confirm the project is being built according to the plans and specifications. Cedar Lake Road reconstruction is tentatively scheduled to begin in 2017.